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Fable: The Journey -  Xbox Kinect Games

 Fable: The JourneyYou are the hero and you are the controller and that’s what makes Fable – The Journey for Kinect Xbox 360 a total adrenaline-charged experience in the world of Albion. As part of the tribe of Gabriel, you will navigate through some extreme adventures so you can become a hero. John Robertson from INC Gamers.com had this to posted this:

When it was first announced at E3 2011, Fable: The Journey split the gaming community at large. Some were excited at the prospect of a Kinect game that might they actually want to play, others were afraid that a series they loved was going to be compromised in a bid to help shift more units of Microsoft’s motion tracking system.

We recently had the chance to sit down with the game’s lead script writer Ben Brooks and producer Jennifer Clixby to talk about that mixed message, as well as what the story holds and how difficult it is to develop a Kinect RPG.

IncGamers: Lionhead has said in the past that it confused people with Fable: The Journey’s reveal at E3 2011. Do you think the message as to what this game is actually trying to do is now clear?

Ben Brooks: I hope so. Part of addressing that problem has been showing the game to press and through videos. Also, I hope that the demo we released in the middle of September helped potential players understand the kind of thing we’re hoping to achieve.

If you’ve played that demo you’ll definitely understand what we’re trying to do.

IG: Lionhead is not known for their Kinect games, has it been a difficult learning curve creating your first Kinect release?

BB: We had some degree of background with Kinect due to the Milo team, meaning we had two designers and two programmers that had a history of working with the device. Then we had all the guys that had been immersed in the Fable games, including myself.

and those that knew Kinect, both in terms of knowing your area and coming in to a new area with a fresh approach....More at Fable: The Journey [Interview] – Albion in first-person | IncGamers.com

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